Project 6:

Pushing the Wave

Pushing the Wave ( 2013) brought an together an international company of six dancers (four from Liverpool John Moores University and two from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) met for six two hour sessions to create a first telematic dance work with students from NSU and LJMU. The dance takes its stimulus from the sea and the beaches that each city is connected through – though in very different settings, as well as exploring the interaction of the live dancers with the streamed video dancers projected onto the cyclorama. Additionally, an important theme in the work is derived from the Antony Gormley sculpture Another Place - 100 Iron Men statues on Crosby Beach (Liverpool) that stand and look our westwards to the sea and beyond. An innovative exploration in the work was to invite the audience onto the stage in the final section of the dance so they could have a sense of how it felt for the performers to be in one place and use the screen in order to be able to see the co-performers/distanced audience. It also enabled us to play with the notion of creating our own "Iron-based Audience".