Choreography: Telematic

From the outset in August 2007, Pauline Brooks (Liverpool, UK) and Luke Kahlich (Philadelphia/Fort Lauderdale, USA) have examined the opportunities and challenges that the Internet environment provides for aspects of synchronous teaching, learning and creating across two different sites and time zones. They have investigated how real and virtual environments intersect to support and separate issues of teaching, learning and perceiving for educators/choreographers, learners/performers and audiences. There have been ten telematic projects since that date: Project 1 2007-08; Project 2 2008-09; Project 3 Woven Space Across the Pond 2009-10; Project 4 Travels and Tracings 2010-11; Project 5 Bing, Bang, Bong! 2011-12; Project 6 Pushing the Wave 2012-13; Project 7 Extended Bodies 2013-14; Project 8 Making Connections 2014-15; Project 9 Distant Voices 2015-16; Project 10 The Handsome Moon (as part of 3 and 10: a dance and music telematic concert) January 2016-17; Project 11 Plastic Tides 2018.