Project 12:

Catching the Corporeal

Catching the Corporeal (2016 ) was a practice-led research project with Pauline Brooks of Liverpool John Moores University and Luke Kahlich in Florida, USA (LUKERON Productions). They worked with two professional dancers, Tany Calamoneri (PhD) in New York, USA and Rowena Gander, MA, in Liverpool, UK. By engaging the performers in improvisation involving action/reaction/unison/contrast/complementary movement, the researchers challenged the performers, used to exploring the 'space of the present' (Brown, 2006) with physical dancers to find the places to connect virtually; an incorporeal corporality.

The dancers were performers, co-creators, and part reflective-evaluative focus group participants. At the start of the pilot, the performers were asked to recall previous experiences in a traditional environment of creating a duet—memories of the physical experience and the processes that they underwent. They were then introduced to the telematic environment and each other. Their task was to create a short duet. Each creative session was video recorded – both for data collection and to enable reflection by the dancers. Following each session and at the end of the project, performers were asked to reflect on what they felt and how they felt in each creative task – physically, artistically and emotionally.